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HoloTracker (/cjoin HoloTracker): Include (1) Character's In-Game Name, (2) Faction, and (3) Location
HoloTracker [692]
Thu at 2:38
A masked man that looks *nothing* like certain wanted posters has just left a public transport on Vaiken, dressed in what appears to be a tech's uniform. Perhaps he's just there for a drink? (Fahtum, Imp, Vaiken 1)
Thu at 2:55
The masked man that looked absolutely nothing like certain wanted posters is now boarding public transport headed towards Hutt Space- hopefully landing in Nar Shaddaa.
Thu at 22:15
Something stirs on Yavin 4, the dark energies shift and dance as a Massassi raiding party gathers... (Events, Empire, Whisper for bounty!)
Fri at 1:00
People on Nar Shaddaa have begun to flock to Descent Cantina's Specials Night. (( Kel'ri's Marketplace Cantina, Shay Atiniir for imp side invites, publicly listed Nar SH. ))
Fri at 4:11
Specials Night has ended, but Descent never closes! (( Anyone is welcome to use the setting for RP anytime, no matter who's around. Thanks for coming out, ya'll! ))
Fri at 22:58
Security monitors on Vaiken report an unusual sight. A masked man- dressed in what 'appears' to be a workman's uniform- has been making his way through Vaiken. Trouble is, he looks somewhat like a wanted criminal. (Fahtum, Empire, Fleet 1)
Sat at 2:06
Reports indicate a Sith has gone into the dunes of Tatooine, registered as Lord R. Vimez. A dark energy simmers in the sands... (Vimez, Empire, Tat 1)
Sat at 6:10
After quite an unusual and sinister event, the Sith disappears into the dunes... (Departed!)
20 hours ago
Koriem Trell recently reported seeing Archer Skirata moving through East Beach on the Planet of Rishi. (Archer, Rishi, Instance 1, Imperial)
20 hours ago
A small craft was seen landing on Rishi, two women exiting and heading off. (Rh'zialle and Tsel'ressen, Imp, Rishi 1)
20 hours ago
Archer's Known Associate, Xorn. Has also been recently spotted in East Beach.
4 hours ago
A Ship titled on it's side at the 'KathHound' was just seen landing on Nar Shaddaa and a man in black and brown armor was seen heading off. (Archer, Imp, Nar Shaddaa 1)
4 hours ago
An aged Mantis starship lands in port on Nar Shaddaa with a lady in green armor stepping out, complaining about the smell already. (Allie'rei, Imp, Nar Shaddaa 1)
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