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The Bulletin Board
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Welcome to the EBHawk Community website. Here you will find official news and announcements, and our rules and policies, as well as the place to request a member tag, and your first stop for introductions.
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By Arco 11 hours ago
One thread per announcement, and must be linked to a corresponding Calendar Item. Threads will be locked one week after event has passed. Events that are regularly recurring should have an all encompassing management thread posted to the Recurring Events sub-forum.
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By Ishtazar Los Wed at 07:50 pm
The Drawing Board
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Have an idea or event for the Community? Post interest checks and management threads to work out all of the details before publishing the final product to a more appropriate forum board (if applicable).
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By Darth Tenma Mar 17, 17
Traditional Classified sections for inter-character role play and interactions.
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By Thanadan Vaner of House Thul Thu at 11:48 am
User-generated guides and tutorials for improving one's grasp of SWTOR, Star Wars Lore, role playing etiquette, or writing abilities.
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By Captain S. Vesper Wed at 07:21 pm
The HoloNet
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Out-of-Character discussion of RP-related subjects, including: Lore, etiquette, characters, and preferences.
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By Admiral Marell Mar 13, 17
In-character messages and communications between characters or select audiences. Content should only be taken in-character as it applies to your own character(s). Otherwise, all threads are for your Out-of-Character viewing pleasure.
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By GRPF Thu at 06:26 pm
Post and maintain threads to advertise Strongholds, including their level of access, story premises, and room descriptions.
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By Rhosbren Eilun Mar 10, 17
In-character HoloNet filter that lists available contracts for, but not limited to: bounties, guns-for-hire, transportation, acquisition, and private investigation.
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By A'den Sep 23, 16
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Traditional forum role play and in-character interactions.
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By Malazin Feb 24, 17
Post in-character journals and short stories. Note: All content is to be considered Out of Character, unless otherwise specified.
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Post and maintain a Dossier for your character. Link to related characters and relevant media, and post updates to keep everyone informed of your characters' status.
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By Arco 9 hours ago
General Forums
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News, announcements, and discussion for BioWare's MMORPG: Star Wars: The Old Republic.
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If it doesn't go anywhere else...
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By Oak Mon at 05:34 pm
Post and share personal art, music, videos, or written words. Open commission threads. Label NSFW content accordingly.
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By Rai-Kuga 1 hour ago
Guild Network
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Browse active Republic guilds, submit a recruitment query, or advertise your own guild.
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By ChidoriOokami 17 hours ago
Browse active Imperial guilds, submit a recruitment query, or advertise your own guild.
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By Aristocra Shol'ori'chaf Fri at 07:54 am
Inactive or disbanded guilds. To change a guild's status, please post in the Guild Reactivation thread.
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By Xhera Jan 7, 17
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