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Wed at 22:46
*Embraces the fire*
Thu at 1:15
I want more Castlevania.
Thu at 5:32
soon dams
Thu at 5:32
season 2 soon
Thu at 17:13
Poor robot.
Naw, that's just Ricty.
He fails like that. Often. *nods*
Kepal knows. Ask him. ;D
Fri at 1:56
Stupid server issues.
Fri at 1:57
The one weekday night where I don't work the next morning and TOR goes haywire.
Fri at 1:57
What happened
Fri at 1:57
Fri at 2:17
Fri at 3:09
Fri at 5:25
boy am i late to this discussion but ah
Fri at 5:26
i have a robot man character boy that is nicknamed ricky so that is weird
Fri at 11:28
any heavy Sith RP guilds recruiting?
Fri at 15:32
what's heavy rp
Fri at 15:39
that's heavy bro
Fri at 17:56
Darth Baras loves heavy Sith rp
Fri at 18:10
Hon hon hon
Fri at 18:29
Fri at 19:29
Fat Darth Marr.
Sat at 3:46
24 hours ago
I miss Aku
8 hours ago
Somebody do something
8 hours ago
5 hours ago
N o t o n y o u r l i f e .
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